Trim Colour Series

Salon Drab No.290 by Farrow & Ball

There is real richness to this colour, Salon Drab, by Farrow & Ball — it pairs intriguingly with Yeabridge Green.

 A two-part name, combining Salon, the small outer room off a drawing room, with Drab, a term favoured by true colourists, which simply describes a colour as lacking in brightness. The richness of this colour is instantly appealing and equally at home when used to evoke a classic 19th century feel, and the perfect go-to ‘chocolate’ for a modern look. 

Salon Drab by Farrow & Ball

Salon Drab by Farrow & Ball

Vardo by Farrow & Ball

Vardo — very close to a colour known elsewhere as teal — is an interesting strong colour from Farrow & Ball.

The photograph of the sitting room below usefully illustrates the successful balance of several strong colours.

Vardo by Farrow & Ball

Trim Colour Series, no.8: Little Greene Slaked Lime

We worked for a week in Ruth’s fairly large 2-bed flat in Brockley, redecorating the living room and dining area, the L-shaped hall and the main bathroom.

The living room experienced a big colour change, going from a light orange to the more relaxing tone of a lovely colour from Little Greene called Slaked Lime.

Ruth followed up with an email after completion of the work:

The flat looks great and I am really pleased with the result. David and Shane were very professional and I appreciated them being there on time, keeping me updated on what was happening and getting the work done on schedule. Hope this helps and thank you for a job well done. I would definitely recommend your company to others. The work was so good that my carpets and curtains now look very tired…but that’s another story! 

Before and after redecoration with Slaked Lime by Little Greene


Trim Colour Series, no.7: Little Greene Leather

A truly bold pink from Little Greene, called Leather No.191, was selected by our clients Emma and Greg in Fulham, for a fitted bedroom wardrobe which was previously painted in Little Greene Mushroom No.142.

As Little Greene’s notes state, The brightest of pinks, this signature 1970s colour was used in conjunction with Marigold and Purpleheart in the most arresting colour schemes of the time.”


Emma was kind enough to send an email today:

We are very happy with the work, the children’s bedrooms look great. David and Shane were extremely helpful and hardworking and managed to remove all the things nailed to the wall without any scars. Luke also loves the colour of his new wardrobes and frequently tells us it is his favourite! We would be happy to recommend you and the team.