Trim Colour Series

Railings by Farrow & Ball

Railings, a blue-black by Farrow & Ball, works beautifully in exterior eggshell form, as the Myla and Davis salon in Brixton illustrates (we decorated this facade in late 2014).

Myla and Davis in Farrow & Ball Railings


While it will probably remain a more popular choice outdoors than in, this office shows how Railings can be used to successfully create a bold interior.

Farrow & Ball Railings office

A Brixton front door in black gloss

The team recently completed this lovely facade in central Brixton, south London.

Once again, David made the choice of the true painter and decorator: Sikkens XD gloss.

Brixton front door in Sikkens XD gloss

Brixton front door in Sikkens XD gloss

Mole's Breath by Farrow & Ball

The nomenclature here, of course, instantly distinguishes this as an F&B classic.

Mole’s Breath, as can particularly be seen in the second photo below, pairs successfully with the pop of a brighter, lighter colour.

Mole’s Breath is the most versatile of our stronger accents as it can be used both with the Easy Greys like Purbeck Stone and the Contemporary Neutrals like Elephant’s Breath. It is particularly effective to ground kitchen islands. When used on walls, especially in small rooms, it creates a fabulously moody but soft room.