Trim Colour Series, no.8: Little Greene Slaked Lime

We worked for a week in Ruth’s fairly large 2-bed flat in Brockley, redecorating the living room and dining area, the L-shaped hall and the main bathroom.

The living room experienced a big colour change, going from a light orange to the more relaxing tone of a lovely colour from Little Greene called Slaked Lime.

Ruth followed up with an email after completion of the work:

The flat looks great and I am really pleased with the result. David and Shane were very professional and I appreciated them being there on time, keeping me updated on what was happening and getting the work done on schedule. Hope this helps and thank you for a job well done. I would definitely recommend your company to others. The work was so good that my carpets and curtains now look very tired…but that’s another story! 

Before and after redecoration with Slaked Lime by Little Greene