Eytys Store – Brewer Street, Soho

This is a photo from our current project for Soma Build, the new Eytys Store in Soho. Some appealing contrast is provided by Tower, a strong colour from Dulux.

Eytys store – Brewer Street, Soho

A striking image of Johnny working on our current project for Soma Build: the new Eytys Store on Brewer Street in Soho.

Office colour schemes

Perhaps you need some inspiration as you prepare to redecorate your office?

We love this vibrant workspace in an old factory in Germany, which shows how successful the pairing of blue and yellow can be.

The image is courtesy of the excellent FRAME magazine.


InCrowd Sports – office redecoration

We were pleased to be asked by InCrowd Sports to redecorate their new office, providing an all-white palette which removed several imposingly bright feature walls.

We carried out the work to a tight deadline, ensuring the the project was completed 48 hours before the staff moved in.

We wish the team well with the continued expansion of the business.


The Gentlemen Baristas

We had a cameo role – some interior plastering – on this attractive project near Borough Market, a new coffee house which has been opened by The Gentlemen Baristas.

The colour, one we know and have used before, is Basalt by Little Greene.