Exterior work – Brixton

We have recently completed work on the exterior of this Victorian house in Brixton.

The repair work to the masonry detailing was very challenging, with the whole exterior needing to be carefully prepared and redecorated. Our clients were delighted with the result.


Masonry detailing repair

We are currently working on the exterior of a large house in Brixton. We are delighted with the results that Paolo made to repair the masonry detailing on the house, which is now ready to be painted.

Eytys Store – Brewer Street, Soho

This is a photo from our current project for Soma Build, the new Eytys Store in Soho. Some appealing contrast is provided by Tower, a strong colour from Dulux.

Eytys store – Brewer Street, Soho

A striking image of Johnny working on our current project for Soma Build: the new Eytys Store on Brewer Street in Soho.