Professional curtain installations

We recently met and worked alongside Simon Roberts, of Professional Curtain Installations.

Simon runs the business with his brother, and, as specialists, they provide a top quality, reliable service.

Find out more, and make contact with Simon, here.

In praise of Xero

Xero logoSince we started using Xero — the excellent online accounting software — in 2013, we’ve been acting as unpaid trade envoys for this excellent invention.

All the tiresome, error-prone paraphernalia of traditional, Bob Cratchit-style accounting — the arid crinkle of the bank statements, the caffeine-addled hours of prodding the calculator, the boredom of the Excel spreadsheet and the sheaves of joyless, utilitarian receipts — can be drop-kicked satisfyingly into the nearest bin.

Xero sweeps it all aside by importing your business transactions automatically, day by day, from the bank account. This eliminates errors, and you check off and reconcile each bank statement line as it is created … the result? Your accounts essentially make themselves. You will do less work, and will be rewarded with more information about your business, more accurately presented.

We recommend it highly.

The Xero Dashboard from Xero on Vimeo.

Exterior painting — Edwardian window repair and redecoration

We worked hard to bring back these Edwardian fixed casement windows, which were almost destroyed by wet rot.  

The open and exposed westerly aspect — combined with the wettest winter on record in 2013/14 — meant that the water penetration was particularly severe.

The team removed all of the damaged timber, treated it and made strong repairs with the excellent Repair Care products.

The photographs below show one and the same window.


Repairing and painting a Victorian window

A pleasing rescue of a wet-rotted sill in south London, which had lost about half of its depth — the team pieced-in a section of planed timber, screwed in six places, to provide a new, solid edge on the sill.

Photos showing a window before and after being repaired and painted

Trim is hiring

We’ve had a nice start to spring, quickly leaving behind the vagaries of a notably rain-lashed winter. The stability and consistency of the warm weather over the past couple of weeks has been especially welcome, allowing us to complete our first good-sized exterior project of the year.

Looking ahead to the calendar for the rest of April and beyond — with a run of large exterior projects already confirmed — we’re pleased to identify the need to expand the team.

We don’t think very highly of the average job ad, typically a bureaucratic list of bullet points.

Our recruitment aspirations can be expressed more plainly and directly: firstly, we’d like to hear from labourers able to help with the legwork demanded in the early stages of our bigger projects — here, a willingness to wield a Festool sander is essential.

Secondly, we’d love to hear from decorators with the experience, skill and confidence to run substantial interior and exterior projects — our service is based firmly on an approachable, reliable and personable management style, so we’d need you to handle our projects in this manner.

We look forward to hearing from you — send your CV and a brief covering note here.