Sanding a worktop with the Mirka dust-free system

If you set about sanding your kitchen worktop with a powerful sander, and you use it without extraction, the impact on your life will be significant: the air will turn thick, and dust will settle on every single surface with the perfect uniformity of the snow in the John Lewis Christmas telly ad.

Since investing in Mirka’s rather impressive Deros sanding system (a big vacuum extraction unit, a 5m hose, special abrasives and a 150mm sander) we’ve been constantly delighted by its performance.

It really came into its own on a recent outing to sand an oak blockboard worktop.

It made sense to suggest to our clients that we should still be prepared for a bit of cleaning up at the end of the job  — but the system worked so beautifully that not a fleck of dust escaped. We created more dust while hand-sanding the awkward sections around the tap and behind the hob. Great stuff. 

Oak worktop being and after being sanded with the Mirka dust-free system