Kodrin Spachtel – the "10 Downing Street" finish

2016 was the year when David further refined his Kodrin Spachtel process for giving the “10 Downing Street” finish to a front door.

Kodrin Spachtel (made by the Dutch firm Sikkens) is a dense, oil-based surfacer which lends a flawless smoothness and shine to any timber it is applied to – abrasives as fine as 1,000-grit round things off.

The Edwardian front door below was prepared by David in summer 2016 – the two, polished coats of Kodrin Spachtel were followed by Sikkens XD gloss, tinted by Holman Paints to Down Pipe by Farrow & Ball.

Down Pipe, a dark lead grey, has definite blue undertones that prevent it from feeling too hard. Originally inspired by the colour used to paint downpipes and guttering it has been embraced for use inside the home with fanatical zeal! Fabulous as a background to art, and extremely effective for use in halls to create a dramatic entrance to a home.