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In praise of Mirka: dust-free decorating

Our thanks to Vince at Mirka UK for supplying us with the full Deros system: sander, Abranet abrasives, 5m hose and extraction unit.

The full system isn’t cheap but we’re delighted with its capability, especially in being able to sand larger areas of fine filler with little or no dust created.

We’ll write more in the coming months about our experience…

The Mirka Deros dust-free sanding system


The best hand tools are defined by what is left out: whizzy, expensive-sounding jargon usually indicates superfluous features.

One tool, a bombproof scraper made in New Zealand by Linbide, is superbly functional — it’ll last a lifetime, and I suspect the only reason you’d ever find yourself buying a second one is if you lost the first…

The Linbide scraper, made for painters and decorators