Acro- Navy wallpaper by 17 Patterns

We’ve loved the wallcoverings by 17 Patterns since first coming across their designs a couple of years ago during a redecoration project we carried out in Fulham.

Acro- Navy is one of our favourites…

Diespeker Terrazzo

We recently encountered the work of Diespeker – a venerable specialist in terrazzo, established in London in 1881 – while working on the new restaurant in Herne Hill, Llewelyn’s.

Here is the bespoke terrazzo used in the restaurant, “a mix of grey, black and red/brown marble chippings in a light cement”.

Diespeker have a summary of the material on their website: “Terrazzo originates from Italy where, around 500 years ago, quarry workers used stone offcuts for flooring in their own homes. At first, the finish was rough-set and uneven but as methods progressed, the flexibility and benefits of terrazzo were recognised.”

Here is another striking bespoke terrazzo from Diespeker, using only glass.

Wallcoverings from Jupiter 10

Instagram, ever a reliable source of product inspiration, brought Jupiter 10 to our attention this morning.

Jupiter 10 is London-based design studio specialising in wonderfully bold Modernist wallcoverings.

You can find their designs here.

Eleanor Pritchard

Do point your cursor towards the wonderful designs — woven into woollen blankets and cushions — produced by Eleanor Pritchard, particularly if you are drawn to mid-century style. Three of our favourites are below.

Eleanor Pritchard blanket design

Eleanor Pritchard blanket design

Eleanor Pritchard blanket design



Cole & Son

The venerable English firm Cole & Son, established in 1875, continue to produce wallpapers which please the discerning eye.

A hat tip is due to Anouska Tamony for reminding us of their beautiful designs; these examples are all from the Contemporary Restyled range.

Cole and Son wallpaper

Cole and Son wallpaper

Cole and Son wallpaper