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Wallcoverings from Jupiter 10

Instagram, ever a reliable source of product inspiration, brought Jupiter 10 to our attention this morning.

Jupiter 10 is London-based design studio specialising in wonderfully bold Modernist wallcoverings.

You can find their designs here.

Fired Earth Alhambra Palace

On our travels around London, we often see beautiful and colourful tiles evocative of Moroccan and Moorish architecture and design.

Fired Earth have released a wallpaper design – Alhambra Palace – which cleverly emulates this style.

Fired Earth Alhambra Palace wallpaper

Colour Makes People Happy

We hope that more painters and decorators in London discover the fine paints made by Colour Makes People Happy, which is run by Simon March in East Dulwich. 

In Port Magazine’s interview, Simon nicely removes the mystique which so often surrounds the marketing of paint… 

“Making paint is no more difficult than making bread. It’s made of three basic ingredients. If you want your paint for outside use, you put more resin in it: if you want it interior use, very often people want it to appear “flatter” so you take resin out and put more chalk into it. It’s quite a simple thing to do.”




Mylands – London’s last paint manufacturer

Mylands, a venerable English paint manufacturer established in 1884, is deserving of your attention if you are planning any redecoration or floor sanding.


“Today, we’re still in Lambeth, the last remaining paint manufacturer in London, and John’s great-grandson Dominic Myland carries on the family tradition of perfection in paint.

We’re preserving the time-honoured, traditional approach to making the finest quality paints and finishes, while making the most of the latest technical advances in paint development. By blending the old with the new, we’re creating time-honoured shades and finishes with all of the benefits of modern performance and technology.”

Mylands have just released their new spring collection, which can be found here.

We hope to use their products more often in 2017.

Mylands spring colours

Haus — Victoria Park

Haus is a lovely little independent shop near Victoria Park which sells furniture and lighting. We particularly liked these delightful Hans J. Wegner chairs

Oak chair



Dunlop acrylic filler

We’re pleased to have — finally — landed upon a solution to the eternal problem of caulk cracking after being painted.

Dunlop’s acrylic filler is the first product we’ve encountered which truly does fulfil the claim of being paintable with emulsion within an hour.

(Thank you to Gareth for sending a couple of tubes in the post to trial.)

With Polycell’s regular caulk, our standard routine had always been a sealing coat of oil-based undercoat, or Zinsser Coverstain — so it’s good to now be able to remove that additional, unnecessary labour.



Screwfix tile drilling jig

Well, well. There are times when tools signal their ingenuity and usefulness with great clarity, and this tile drilling jig did just that today when we spotted it in the current Screwfix leaflet.

The eternal problem of how to stop one’s drill bit from wandering all over the shiny surface of a tile does appear to be comprehensively addressed by this product.

We shall be ordering one forthwith.

(Link here.)

Screwfix tile drilling jig

Smile Plastics

As well as techniques and materials in our own field, we’re we’re always interested in hearing about innovation generally.

Smile Plastics, based in mid-Wales, are talented recyclers of plastic: chopping board off-cuts, old yogurt pots — you name it, they’ve taken it and turned it into something functional, but also beautiful.

Their Black Dapple sheets would make a particularly striking worktop.


In praise of Holman Paints

We recently placed an order with Holman Paints for our upcoming front door project: Sikkens Rubbol Primer and Rubbol XD Gloss, both tinted to Basalt by Little Greene. There’s going to be excitement and high drama among the passers-by when David is finished with this door, let me tell you…

A hearty to salute to Holman Paints and all who sail in her — if only every other supplier in the industry took the trouble to nail their online service the way these ladies and gents have. We recommend Holman to all painters and decorators in London and beyond.


Harris Icon paint brushes

A few months ago, I insisted — perhaps a little imperiously — that in considering what paint brushes to buy, it was high end or the highway. Purdy, Wooster, Corona: these are your friends, not the ne’er do wells to be found in multipacks in Poundland.

Well, while Poundland and their ilk remain firmly off-limits, it seems that David has something interesting to add to this debate. He writes:

“The Harris Icon Soft Tipped Paint Brushes from B&Q were particularly good when used in oil. I bought these as emergency brushes as I had left my good Purdys behind. Whilst being soft tipped brushes, I found they retained a certain uniform stiffness when applying paint — this was great for bristle control and accuracy.” 

(David implies a sound practice which you, too, will soon follow: matching different paint brushes to different types of paint.)

So there you have it: an affordable, if not filthy cheap, option of excellent quality. 

Harris Icon Brushes