Copper Pendant Light Fitting

This all copper light fitting, which we installed last month, will work brilliantly with a filament lamp…

Copper pendant light fitting

Louis Poulsen PH5

We’d like to wish you all a happy and prosperous 2016.

We have a varied mix of blog posts in the works for the weeks and months ahead, mixing our portfolio of work with examples of interesting interior design and decoration from London, Europe and beyond.

I thought we would begin the new year by taking an admiring glance at the Louis Poulsen PH5 lamp shade, named for its justifiably-respected Danish designer, Poul Henningsen.

louis-poulsen-ph-50-pendelleuchte-l-lp-p-p50-1 (1)

Here is a picture of Henningsen himself, looking every inch the king of 20th century design…


Lighting and electrical work

Unusually among decorating businesses, we are qualified to carry out electrical work — this means that we can remove and replace old lighting, enhancing the impact of our redecoration work.

The large metal and glass pendant fitting below was one we recently installed…




Beads light fitting from Innermost

Innermost was established in London in 1999, and are noted for their distinctive and striking lighting.

We especially like this fitting, Beads

Beads light fitting from Innermost of London

Lighting in Leicester Square

Leicester Square is still a tacky, jarring place. It harbours a tourist restaurant named SCOFF & BANTER, after all, and no resident Londoner ever chooses to eat or drink there.

Some aspects of the square have improved in recent years though. The metalwork shown in the photo below is probably a misjudgement, as it’s probably going to date quite quickly — but the long, low, curving stone bench is appealingly solid, and the lighting spec is a definite success, both well designed and well executed.

IMG_20150123_192459865 (1)