Repair and redecoration of a panel door

A somewhat cruel incursion had been made into this Victorian panel door during the installation of a catflap.

With the house in southeast London having a new owner, the catflap was no longer needed, but removal required restoration, repair and redecoration of the door. 

The team built out the central panel and the lower rail with sheet timber, fitted new beading and finessed the overall finish with 2-part filler and decorator’s caulk — a satisfying and effective job. 

Repair and redecoration of a Victorian panel door after removal of a catflap


Decorating the Myla and Davis hairdressing salon

We’ve just finished decorating the interior and exterior of the new Myla and Davis salon in Brixton.

The expansion of Katya’s business is continuing strongly and we’re delighted to have worked on all three salons, with the long-established Herne Hill salon being joined by East Dulwich in November 2013.

The bold colour chosen for the exterior woodwork and masonry — Railings by Farrow & Ball — works well in the busy central Brixton location.

The carpentry in the interior — mainly 18mm stained birch ply with black powder-coated metalwork  — was designed and built by the skilled team at Made by Jason.

The salon is at 425 Coldharbour Lane.

Photos showing the facade of the Myla & Davis salon in Brixton, before and after being painted by Trim Decorating