Trim Testimonials, No.2: redecoration of a 1-bedroom flat

Laura Southerland commissioned us to fully redecorate her home in south London, and wrote about the experience:

“I’ve been extremely pleased with my experience of working with Graeme and Jim. I liked their thorough and inquisitive approach to inspecting the work to be undertaken. They took the trouble to really review and understand what was required. I also liked the full quotation which was provided — it outlined the work process and gave me a good understanding of where my money would go.

When it came to project management, I very much appreciated Jim’s professionalism, reliability, great communication and unfailing cheerful humour. I also really valued his can-do approach and that he went out of his way to complete other small tasks that were not strictly part of the project, but which were extremely helpful to me.

He made what could have been quite a major and disruptive project very painless. For these reasons, although the quotation was the highest of those I received, I felt that it was really good value for money.”