Harris Icon paint brushes

A few months ago, I insisted — perhaps a little imperiously — that in considering what paint brushes to buy, it was high end or the highway. Purdy, Wooster, Corona: these are your friends, not the ne’er do wells to be found in multipacks in Poundland.

Well, while Poundland and their ilk remain firmly off-limits, it seems that David has something interesting to add to this debate. He writes:

“The Harris Icon Soft Tipped Paint Brushes from B&Q were particularly good when used in oil. I bought these as emergency brushes as I had left my good Purdys behind. Whilst being soft tipped brushes, I found they retained a certain uniform stiffness when applying paint — this was great for bristle control and accuracy.” 

(David implies a sound practice which you, too, will soon follow: matching different paint brushes to different types of paint.)

So there you have it: an affordable, if not filthy cheap, option of excellent quality. 

Harris Icon Brushes