How we paint a front door

This is an edited version of two longer posts we have written: read part 1 here, and part 2 here

A front door deserves special attention from every painter and decorator, and indeed this attention is demanded by every client.

With so many period properties in London, we decided to create a process which does justice to their front doors.

Here is a fine Edwardian front door we worked on recently:



The door was primed after being repaired and prepped…



Next — and this is the work which really distinguishes the finish — two coats of Kodrin Spachtel made by Sikkens, a high gloss surfacer, were applied and sanded with high-grade abrasive.



The first of three coats of Sikkens XD gloss from Holman Paints — tinted to Basalt by Little Greene — is applied…



And, after lots of careful work, here is the finish: a beautiful, flawless shine…