How we paint a front door

A front door – especially at the entrance to a period property – deserves special attention.

With so many period properties in London, we decided to create a process which does justice to the many front doors we encounter.

Here is a fine, if rather tired, Edwardian front door before we worked on it:


…and after:


What does our process involve?

The most basic standard process is: sand, undercoat, gloss.

We have extended this with the addition of several extra stages, including the application and polishing of two coats of Kodrin Spachtel, a wonderful, micro-levelling high-gloss surfacer from Sikkens which gives the door a glass-like shine in readiness for the gloss.

Our process is time-consuming, but yields results which will set your door apart…

Sikkens XD gloss tinted to Down Pipe (a Farrow & Ball colour)


Sikkens XD gloss tinted to Ultra Blue (a Little Greene colour)


Sikkens XD tinted to Pitch Black (a Farrow & Ball colour)