About Us

Trim Decorating was founded by Graeme Semple in 2012, and is his third successful business. Previously a rather reluctant employee in the corporate world, his experience there nonetheless proved valuable in teaching him about building and maintaining a business. 

When Graeme decided to establish businesses based on his practical skills, he received guidance and inspiration from his dad - Gordon - a gifted electrician, carpenter, builder and renovator who has run his own business since 1980.

Graeme had always noted the disciplined and meticulous organisation which meant that his dad’s clients enjoyed such an assured experience - these principles have proved to be remarkably useful in successfully managing a team of skilled painters and decorators in London.

David Ramsay joined the business in 2015, with over a decade of experience of supervising residential, commercial and industrial painting and decorating projects. David oversees Trim's day-to-day operations, and in mid-2018 took over the business from Graeme.

David is joined on site by the rest of the Trim decorators, who are all similarly skilled, hard-working and friendly